Risk Management

Our experienced team of risk management advisers can help guide your business in the management of health & safety and other risks.

We have an established track record of assisting businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, property investment, construction and service sectors.

Services offered include:

♦  Health Checks – Establishing a baseline for your health & safety and risk management. 
♦  Health & Safety Policy – Essential for compliance and in order to allocate your resources efficiently and effectively. 
♦  Risk Assessment – From Asbestos to Zoonoses, including Fire, Hazardous Substances, Plant and Equipment, Manual Handling and Display Screen Equipment.  Good risk assessments are the key to managing risk and saving you money. 
♦  Training – Identifying the training needs within your organisation and working with you to develop and deliver the right programmes, both in-house and externally. 
♦  Disaster Management – Diagnosing the key risks that might seriously impact on your business and helping you to be prepared if the worst should happen. 

Our ethos is to learn about and understand your business so that we can put forward the right solutions for the key risks.

Our friendly and reliable services will be tailored to meet your needs and, at the initial stage, are obligation-free.

We aim to assist you to manage health & safety and other risks in a cost effective and time efficient manner, freeing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7398 9000
Email: riskmanagement@hwint.com