Health & Safety Policy

A good policy must be compliant with the law, yet reflect the reality of your business as it operates on the ground.

We can assist with the reviewing/re-drafting of your existing policy if it has become out of date or start from scratch if need be, to ensure that your policy has the three essential elements required by law.

1.  A statement of how you will manage health & safety:

♦  Stating your corporate commitment.
♦  Setting your aims, objectives and targets both in the short and longer terms.

2.  How you organise the management of health & safety within your business to:

♦  Establish clear lines of responsibility and accountability from board level to the shop floor. 
♦  Set out how these responsibilities will be communicated so that they are understood by all.  
♦  Your management and staff must understand that they have the authority to manage health & safety, not just the responsibility when things go wrong.

3.  The practical arrangements that are in place – such as:

♦  Maintenance - of your fire detection systems, plant and equipment, lifts, electrical installations, computer systems etc.  Appropriate planned preventative maintenance helps to prevent unplanned breakdowns, which can cause accidents and down time. 
♦  Testing – of your emergency procedures, fire alarms and disaster response plan. 
♦  Inspecting – your workplace for hazards and dangerous situations.  Ensuring that fire exits are clear, machine guarding is in place and dangerous / flammable substances are properly stored. 
♦  Risk Assessments – to identify the hazards in your workplace and put in place the appropriate protections.
♦  Safe methods of working – developed from the Risk Assessments – identifying the best way to get the job done, safely and efficiently to maximise your bottom line.
♦  Selecting the right equipment – a suitable workstation or the correct personal protective equipment that that is fit for the task.