Disaster Management

A Disaster Management Plan (DMP) is simply a pre-determined plan that will help you deal more effectively and efficiently with a major event that would otherwise adversely affect your business.  It should cover the following key areas:

♦  Physical risks such as fire or flood.
♦  Product recall / customer injury risk.
♦  Media response.
♦  Loss of intellectual property rights.
♦  IT failure (malicious or otherwise). 

As such, the DMP should determine:

♦  Who has responsibility for doing what and when (including back-ups for people not available).
♦  Previously thought out strategies and approaches for handling key aspects of the plan, (e.g. the loss of a critical supplier, machine, site, or IT system) that are understood by the individuals involved in the recovery process.
♦  Communication – between the team handling the various aspects of the incident, with your staff, customers, media and your insurers.
♦  Control and monitoring of the process and its progress.

We can help our clients to develop and implement their own robust, yet simple and effective processes designed to minimise the damaging effects of such incidents.