Why do you need specialist advice?

The property investors market is not restricted to the UK.  Many property investors have interests overseas and so will appreciate that insurance needs differ from territory to territory dependent upon local market requirements. We recognise that local knowledge and experience is essential when dealing with European or worldwide programmes. Local representatives are the key to unlocking the solutions to these issues.

At H W Wood Limited, as part of HW International Group, we have offices strategically placed across Europe, North America and Australia to give you the local representation and expertise that you need. We can build insurance programmes from the London market , utilising the local markets through our network of offices and affiliates, we can identify trends in local policy coverage, and competitiveness of the local market.

With the support of this worldwide broking network, reporting into a single insurance management team in London, we can ensure you receive the service required for your international portfolio.

What we can offer you ⇒