Why do you need specialist advice?

As a property investor your insurance needs may not be limited to the standing asset and revenue stream.  The property may be refurbished, extended or even demolished and totally redeveloped.  This activity may be to maintain, refurbish or improve existing buildings for retention/letting or for sale.

This process may require third party financing, and as the investor you will inevitably enter into contracts with other parties who will undertake the work, manage it on your behalf or provide other professional services.

Therefore your insurance advisor needs to understand not only the insurable risks but also:

♦  The development process from design through to practical completion and beyond. 
♦  The terms of building contracts which, in addition to creating insurance obligations, will give rise to liabilities and indemnities between the contracting parties.  
♦  The role of the other members of your project team and how they interact.

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