Gold, Bullion, Precious Metals

Collecting precious or semi-precious metals, gold, silver, bullion, platinum and palladium is increasing as a solid form of investment for the future. 

Many insurance policies are not designed for the specialist needs of insuring such a commodity.   However our policies are tailored to the market value for the ever-changing metals markets. 

We work with some of the world’s leading depositories and storage facilities and can provide coverage while at facilities for short or long term storage.

Our policies are flexible and can be amended mid-term to cater for any last minute increases and special requirements.

Legal Liability insurance is available for UK domiciled businesses only from HWI in London. However, this coverage may be offered for other countries via our worldwide network of offices and affiliates.

In most cases, a dedicated account handler is assigned to manage each client portfolio. This provides a single point of contact, creating a solid working relationship and removing day-to-day contact hurdles.

What should you do now?

Phone +44 (0)20 73989000 or email us at Valuables@hwint.com with a brief description of your business and we will send an application form to you.